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Rice Cooker Cake!

Two Saturdays ago, we were invited to lunch by a Japanese co-worker at her house. Come dessert time, she served us tea and a slice of chiffon cake. The cake was actually very ordinary that I thought she just bought it from the local bakeshop. That was until she told us she made it using the rice cooker.

I was amazed and curious at the same time.

See, the one thing I never did in the kitchen was to bake, and I have given up on the idea of doing so. This rice cooker cake thing, though, was just too hard to pass up. So, I thought, “Hey, I have a rice cooker. Why not use it and experiment on my first cake?”

So I did.

We asked our host for the recipe and it was simple.

Here it is.


70g butter
60g sugar
2 eggs
100g hot cake mix
30ml milk
(optional, a dash of lemon juice)

What I did:

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. (I don’t know the rules of baking but first I beat the eggs, put it the hotcake mix, butter, then sugar, then milk. Last was the lemon juice. I didn’t have a mixer so I did this purely by hand.)

2. Pour the mixture into the rice cooker. Push the button and you’re all set!

(Don’t forget to butter the rice cooker before you pour your mixture. I forgot this step when I made this cake.) (For added fun, lick some of the batter! Not recommended for children, though. Hehe.)

3. You’ll know the cake is done when after sticking a toothpick, nothing attaches to it.

4. Turn the cake over onto a plate. (This is what happened because I forgot to butter the rice cooker but I didn’t care anyway.)

5. Voila! Yummy rice cooker cake!


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10 Minute Beansprout Ramen

It was 9pm when I got home from work. I was really tired and hungry, so I decided to eat instant noodles for dinner. (Big scowl from mother!) I didn’t think I could last for another 30 minutes (rice cooking waiting time), so I scoured for things in my refrigerator to whip up a decent instant noodle meal.

Here’s what I came up with and I thought of sharing this to you.


Main character: 1 pack instant noodles (any flavor, but I’d recommend pork or chicken)

Supporting characters: a handful of bean sprouts (togue), 2 stalks leeks, 1 egg

Crew: pepper, assorted chili powder, sesame oil

The Plot:

1. Boil around 2 cups of water in a sauce pan.

2. Chop leeks. Wash bean sprouts in cold water.

3. When the water is boiling, dunk in the instant noodle along with its seasoning (usually in a packet).

4. After around 2 minutes, put the bean sprouts into the pot.

5. After about 30 seconds, put the leeks. Add pepper.

6. Turn off heat. Then, crack one egg unto the steaming noodles.

7. Transfer in a bowl. Add around 1 teaspoon of sesame oil for taste. Sprinkle chili powder on top.

Serve and enjoy your ramen!

Ari akon:

P.S. For added taste, you can also sprinkle some dried nori strips (seasoned dried seaweed).

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Agogo, pussy cat, et al.

One evening in our dormitory way back in college, my roommate and I were talking about random childhood stuff when this conversation happened:

Roommate (R): Kaw, ano naman ginagawa mo tuwing summer nung bata ka pa?

Ako (A): Hay naku, entrepreneur ako tuwing summer nun!

R: Talaga? Haha! Ano naman binebenta mo?

A: Ay grabe, pag summer na, gumagawa ako ng agogo nun! Init kasi kaya sobrang benta. Nakapaskil lang sa labas ng gate namin, “Agogo For Sale.” Tinutulungan pa ako gumawa nun ng mga Tita ko, eh. Haha! Mango, chocolate, at buko usually yung flavors ko.


A: O, bakit? Di mo ba alam yung agogo? Ano ka ba! Alam mo yun no! Unless taga ibang planeta ka. Haha!

R: Eh, agogo? Dancer? Hehe. Joke. Pero seryoso, ano yung agogo?


Haaaay… Ay te! Another Ilonggo blooper! Apparently, indi gali universal ang “agogo”! I later found out that people actually call it “ice candy/iced candy” in other parts of the universe! Ay dios mio!

I think we have a lot words like “agogos” in our language. Ilonggos have this knack of naming things in a weird kind of way. Here are some I remember (and still use!) …

1. AGOGO – (noun), a kind of iced dessert made of milk, fruit, and sugar mixture. The mixture is often poured into a one-inch diameter, eight-inch long clear plastic, then tied at the ends to make a tube. The mixture is frozen, usually overnight, until it hardens. It is eaten by tearing the plastic ends and pulling the slush out the plastic by the mouth. Kids love them (and adults!) especially during summer breaks. It was sold for 1 peso apiece during my time. I don’t know how much kids would sell them for nowadays. (Uso pa rin ba ‘to?)

2. PUSSY CAT – (noun), how Ilonggos would call head bands. I’m really not sure why we called these hair accessories as such. Tell me if you know why.

3. SMAGOL – (noun), (var. ‘ismagol’) rubber thong slippers, also known as spartan. As with the pussy cat, I don’t know why we called rubber slippers as ‘smagol’ either.

—- some extras —-

4. LITTLE APID – (proper noun), pronounced as LI-TOL A-PID, how my Lola used to call Lito Lapid when she sees him on TV. Haha! (Now, this word is patented by my lola! Haha.)

5. COOL EDESMA – (proper noun), pronounced as KUL IDISMA, you should have guessed by now. Kuh Ledesma. Another Lola original!

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– tired (English), pagod (Tagalog)

What I am after work. Who isn’t?

Will tell you about what I do sometime soon. Ina, kung indi ko kapuyon mag sulat…

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Ili-ili Tulog Anay (A Visayan Lullaby)

Ginapatulog man kamo kung udto sang bata pa kamo? Ako ya pirmi gid. Bisan gusto ko pa maghampang sa guwa, indi gid ko ka takas sa siesta.

May ginakanta sa akon pirmi para makatulog. Paborito ko gid ni sang bata ko. Daw gakasub-an ko dayon.

Ili-ili Tulog Anay (lyrics as I recall)

Ili-ili tulog anay,

Wala diri imo nanay.

Kadto tienda bakal papay.

Ili-ili tulog anay.

—rough translation—

Sleep for a while.

Your mother is not here.

Went to the market to buy bread.

Sleep for a while.


Te kamo ya? Ano inyo favorite regional song?

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