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A case of mistaken identity – Parry as Phelps

This is funny.

Carrying a cutout of Olympic star Michael Phelps, BBC’s Steve Parry was mobbed by Chinese “Phelps fans” in Tiananmen Square. They actually have a bit of a similarity which is probably why the Chinese got confused. 🙂

To have the “swimming” connection, Parry actually swam the 200m butterfly alongside Phelps during the Athens Olympics. Parry won bronze, while Phelps took the gold.


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Seaweed Chocolate, anyone?

I got this pasalubong (what’s the English word for this?) from an officemate. They went on a business trip to Korea and they handed this to everyone. I didn’t know what it was but from looking at the front wrapper, it is seems to be laver, or toasted seaweed. Then, I looked at the back wrapper and saw, “milk chocolate.”

I was caught offguard.

I love seaweed. I love chocolate. Separately…. But together? I don’t know.

Here’s the pic, after I took a bite.

The taste? Um, like milk chocolate with salty seaweed. Hehe. I think you can actually recreate the taste by dipping the laver in melted milk chocolate. It was edible. Not a favorite but I can eat it.

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Dandansoy (Visayan Folk Song)

Gin post ini sang isa sa nag comment sa blog ko.

Dumduman ko man, ginakanta ini sang lola ko sa akon. Galing, nasubuan ko sini nga song.



Dandansoy, bayaan ko ikaw,
Pauli ako sa Payao.
Ugaling kon ikaw hidlawon,
Ang Payao imo lang lantawon…

Dandansoy, kon imo apason,
Bisan tubig dili magbalon.
Ugaling kon ikaw uhawon,
Sa dalan magbobonbobon…


Literal translation: (My attempt)

Dandansoy, I will leave you,

I am going home to Payao.

If ever you feel lonely,

Just look towards Payao.

Dandansoy, if ever you decide to follow,

Don’t bring any water.

If ever you get thirsty,

Make a well along the road.


Salamat sang nag contribute. Si coolwaterworks. (Ari iya blog. http:\\ Manami iya pictures.)

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My Okonomiyaki Attempt

The condiments: pork katsuo, kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce.

Armed with flour, eggs, and half a head of cabbage, I finally made an attempt to make my first okonomiyaki.

For those who don’t know what this is, okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish made with panfried cabbage n’ flour batter. Literally it means “anything you like cooked”, where “okonomi” is “anything you like” and “yaki” is “grilled” or “cooked”.

There are loads of recipes out there, so I won’t even bother copying them here.

Mine was pretty simple. My cabbage-flour cake was just topped with sauteed beansprouts, some pork katsuo, tonkatsu sauce and kewpie mayo.

Namit! Itadakimasu! (Daw “kaon ta” kung sa hiligaynon pa.)

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