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The Tale of the Overflowing Banana Bread

Ari. Isa pa gid sa mga cooking misadventures ko.

I had 3 overripe bananas at home. So today, I decided on taking a shot at making banana bread. I googled “banana bread recipe” and decided on the recipe I found at (segue: Thanks!). It was perfect because I had all the ingredients plus, the instructions were very simple.

I followed everything, except for two things.

I added a little bit of lemon juice from the remaining lemon (half) that I used for my crab sandwich (dinner). Then, I added some cinnamon powder, just because I like the smell. 🙂

Anyway, everything was going smoothly until, I found out that my loaf pan ( the carton kind) was a tad too small. (Ok, ok. It was really small). So here’s what happened.


But hey! Sabi nga ng kasabihan, “Don’t judge my bread! It is not a book!” Hahaha!

Here’s what it looked like inside! Yumminess!

Of course, there are always two sides in every story, including every banana bread story. Here is the other side.

It really isn’t that ugly, is it? Haha! I’ll know better next time. 😀


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Tamad, Kyou wa Do-youbi desu.

Natamad gid ko mag giho subong. 1:42pm na waay man ko gihapon naghalin sa bed ko. Pero kinanglan ko na mag ligo kag mang himos kay malakat na ko dugay dugay. May Nihonggo classes ako. 100 yen per 2-hour session. (Estimate, around 40Php.)

Anyways. Matindog na ko guro. Bag-o pa magpilit ning bedsheet ko sa lawas ko forever!

Tani karon sa gab-i ganahan ako mag sulat.

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I’m Tim Tam Slammin’

Recently, I tried the “Tim Tam Slam“.

I got really intrigued when I saw a bunch of youtube videos where everybody swears by its chocolate-y goodness, so I went Tim Tam-hunting. After a month, I finally spotted a handful of packs sold at a specialty grocery near my office. I immediately grabbed (I mean literally, grabbed) a pack, paid for it, and went home.

Everybody was right. It really gives this chocolate-y explosion in your mouth. 🙂

The main (and only) ingredients are, Tim Tams (Australian chocolate biscuit by Arnott’s) and a hot beverage of your choice. I tried it with hot choco, hot milk, and unsweetened tea. Of the three, I preferred tea the most since Tim Tams are already very sweet.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Take a Tim Tam and bite off (note: eat) its opposite corners. (See picture.)
2. Dip one corner into your hot drink and sip it as if you would with a straw.
3. As soon as the drink reaches your mouth, dunk the whole Tim Tam in.
4. Voila! Choco-explosion! 🙂

It’s fun. Try it.

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