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Baphuon and Phimeanakas

The Siem Reap Trip Series

The Making of our DIY Family Trip to Siem Reap-HCMC
Trip to Siem Reap
First Glimpse of Angkor and the South Gate of Angkor Thom
Visiting the Bayon Temple

27-December-2011, Tuesday.


A couple of minutes northwest of the Bayon, we saw an imposing stone mountain, called the Baphuon. This temple predates its more famous neighbor, the Bayon, as it was said to have been built at around middle of the 11th century.

The temple was quite imposing but what struck me the most was the long elevated causeway leading to the temple. It looked ordinary from afar, when in fact, the columns were almost as tall as an adult person.

To be able to climb up and enter the temple, one has to be appropriately dressed. No short sleeves nor shorts are allowed.
The steps going up were steep so our mother decided to just stay behind while we (siblings and I) explored the temple.

This was the what we saw after the first landing.

West side of the pyramid is a reclining Buddha. I really didn’t make out the Buddha. I just took a picture of it when later, I found out it was a reclining Buddha after I read the book I brought home. When I look at it now, I think I can make out the face.

Aside from the usual “templ-y” photos, here are couple of interesting things I saw around the temple.

(1) A lady sitting quietly among the stone rubbles.

(2) Weird tree with vertical roots.


Moving along, we stopped by Phimeanakas and the Royal Palace Grounds. We did not explore the temple anymore since we felt a little bit templed out at this point. Nevertheless, here were some photos of the place.

 The restored side of the temple where the entrance is.

 An unrestored side of the temple. I liked this side better.

Some tourists opt to bike around the Angkor Complex so they can take in history and the feel of the place at their own pace. Here’s one tourist biking along the banks of one of the Royal Palace ponds.


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Rugged Rocky Shores – Sisiman, Mariveles, Bataan

I found out about Sisiman Bay while searching for possible prenuptial pictorial locations in Bataan.

I was “googling” around for rugged shorelines in Mariveles town, and Sisiman Bay always came up among photography forums. I checked out some photographs taken by enthusiasts posted online, and indeed, the place was picture perfect.

A remnant of a light house used to stand at the edge of the rocky shore. This fragile monument had been the singular subject among photographers who visit Sisiman. Unfortunately though, the structure gave in and fell during typhoon Pedring in 2011.

I felt sad when I found out that the lighthouse wasn’t there anymore. Nevertheless, I still pestered my fiance in bringing me to Sisiman, because I may have fallen in love with the notion of visiting a place in which, perhaps, only a handful knew of.

Sisiman Bay did not disappoint, just as I imagined it to be, and more. In fact, when time permits, I wanted to have our postnuptial pictorials there. (As we never did the prenup in Bataan. Instead, we shot it in Bacolod.)

Here are some snapshots of the place. Do visit. The locals are very pleasant, too. 🙂

 The highway going to Mariveles.

 The local industry was fishing. I love their boats. They look festive.

Kids of Sisiman.

An abandoned structure. This serves as the “parking lot”, though we didn’t make use of this anymore. The kids would open the gate and offer you the space for a small token. They’d “watch” your vehicle while they enjoy themselves, playing. 🙂

 Beautiful tree on top of a hill.

 The beach.

Roofless cottage. I suppose the cogon roof was blown away by the typhoon.

 It was already ten in the morning when we arrived. It was very hot since the place lacks shade, but the water was cool and perfectly blue, that we really didn’t mind the temperature.

 The shore reminds me of the “cantelado” shoreline off the Mediterranean Sea in Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. I was so tempted to swim, but I didn’t have any swimwear, nor extra clothes, with me.

We have to content ourselves with dipping our feet in the cold seawater while taking in the view and savoring the sea breeze.

 I love Sisiman so much, even the weeds are beautiful.

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