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Fino Pre-Christmas Sale 2013


This news is a bit late, but anyway, I got a text message from FINO Alabang Town Center last 18-Nov.

Their Pre-Christmas sale is now ongoing in all branches. I think this is until the end of the month, or until supplies last.

I checked the ATC branch today. Small items were up to 50% off, while bags were up to 40% off. 🙂

I was so tempted to buy a canvas bag that could double as a diaper bag (I’m 8 months heavy), but I reckon, I’d save the money until baby comes. 🙂

(P.S. I just love Fino, I’m not being paid to do this.)

(P.P.S. Photo grabbed from google images. I do not know the origin, because there are a lot of this image out there.)


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What I Felt During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of My Pregnancy

I know I have not been very active in blogging nowadays.

However, I’d like to break this (for now) by listing the things I felt during my pregnancy for the sake of posterity. I’ll be entering my 8th month this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having a blogging hiatus again, with the baby and all. I’ve been busy reading about labor, birth, newborn care, etc. I’m excited and scared all at the same time.

Anyway so here are the things I felt in every trimester of my pregnancy.


– Slight cramping of the back on some days

– Fatigue

– Nausea all day (I didn’t have morning sickness. I had ALL-DAY sickness.)

– Weepy and emotionally sensitive

– No appetite

– Hypersensitive sense of smell (I hated the smell of almost everything. From the smell of cooked rice to bath soaps!)

– Sleepy all day

– Developed a nasty rash on my thigh

– Tummy is not showing yet

– Can still fit into my regular dresses and shirts

– Cannot fit into my skinny jeans anymore


– Regained my appetite

– My sense of smell returned back to normal ( I can cook now! Yay!)

– Fatigue and sleepiness eased a little bit

– The nasty rash went away

– Still weepy and emotionally sensitive

– Tummy is starting to show a little

– Can’t fit into most of my clothes now

– I can feel my baby move now.


– Feeling a bit heavy now.

– Tummy is large!

– Difficulty getting comfortable when sleeping

– Fatigue sets in again

– Sleepiness sets in again

– Thirsty all the time

– Easily gets full

– Can really feel baby’s kicks now that sometimes it hurts!

– Water retention (hands and feet), I took my wedding and engagement rings off. (Means I need to drink more water!)

– Clumsy and forgetful

– Frequent urination

– Pubic bone pain ( now walking with a duck-like gait)

I may have forgotten some things, but I think I got most of it.

I am hoping to carry this baby full term and to deliver normally in December! I’m excited! (And scared!) 🙂 But I love this baby very very much!

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