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Dandansoy (Visayan Folk Song)

Gin post ini sang isa sa nag comment sa blog ko.

Dumduman ko man, ginakanta ini sang lola ko sa akon. Galing, nasubuan ko sini nga song.



Dandansoy, bayaan ko ikaw,
Pauli ako sa Payao.
Ugaling kon ikaw hidlawon,
Ang Payao imo lang lantawon…

Dandansoy, kon imo apason,
Bisan tubig dili magbalon.
Ugaling kon ikaw uhawon,
Sa dalan magbobonbobon…


Literal translation: (My attempt)

Dandansoy, I will leave you,

I am going home to Payao.

If ever you feel lonely,

Just look towards Payao.

Dandansoy, if ever you decide to follow,

Don’t bring any water.

If ever you get thirsty,

Make a well along the road.


Salamat sang nag contribute. Si coolwaterworks. (Ari iya blog. http:\\ Manami iya pictures.)


August 15, 2008 at 9:31 pm 30 comments

Alleluia by Alejandro Consolacion as Performed by UPSA

Sa bilis ng panahon ngayon, tayo’t huminto at makinig, kahit sandali…

“Alleluia” na katha ni Alejandro Consolacion at binigyang buhay ng aking pinakapaboritong coro (biased ako), ang University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors. Kinanta ito noong taong 2005 sa Alsace, isang probinsya sa Pransya.

(Salamat Kuya Vic sa video.)

Trivia: Ako ang nakapula sa gitna.

July 24, 2008 at 10:45 pm 1 comment

How I became an Eraserheads fan

I started receiving my own money when I was 12. It was from a monthly stipend I had during my four school years studying in a science high school.

At that young age, I learned how to appropriate where my money goes, which was mostly spent on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, I also had my set of indulgences: a pint of ice cream on a weekend (which I would finish in just one sitting), books, and music records.Among these three, the most influental was music.

Anyway, to give you a backgrounder, my musical tastes between the ages 2 to 12 evolved from Batibot’s “Alin Ang Naiba”, to Manilyn Reynes’ and Sheryl Cruz’s repertoire (remember Mr. Disco and Mr. Dreamboy?), to the kundimans, broadway musicals, and classical music (thanks to my piano and voice teachers).

Then, one uneventful morning at school, my classmate, Charmaine, came up to me and told me about this song she heard called “Ligaya”. She was raving about it. Kanami daw. Naturally, I got curious, so, that weekend, I bought my first ever pinoy band album.

That album was called “ultraelectromagneticpop” by a then ’emerging-into-the-mainstream’ band named the Eraserheads. During that time, I think I bought it (cassette) for 150 pesos (or was it 100?). It quickly became my favorite. Playing it over and over in my dormitory room until I had memorized each song.

The following year, I got CiRcuS (my fave). Then, Cutterpillow in 1995. This was the last Eraserheads album I bought during my teen years. (Ten years later, I bought the “ultraelectromagneticjam” album, which was some kind of an early tribute. It wasn’t the same.)

This unassuming band rocked my world when I was 13 and I remained a fan years after. Their songs gave me one of the best memories of my life.This is the reason why I still have “Ligaya” in my current playlist.


Years after disbanding, the Eraserheads will hold a “one night only” reunion concert on August 30, 2008. I wanted to go but I can’t. Aaah! I want to cry!

July 18, 2008 at 9:43 pm 4 comments

Ili-ili Tulog Anay (A Visayan Lullaby)

Ginapatulog man kamo kung udto sang bata pa kamo? Ako ya pirmi gid. Bisan gusto ko pa maghampang sa guwa, indi gid ko ka takas sa siesta.

May ginakanta sa akon pirmi para makatulog. Paborito ko gid ni sang bata ko. Daw gakasub-an ko dayon.

Ili-ili Tulog Anay (lyrics as I recall)

Ili-ili tulog anay,

Wala diri imo nanay.

Kadto tienda bakal papay.

Ili-ili tulog anay.

—rough translation—

Sleep for a while.

Your mother is not here.

Went to the market to buy bread.

Sleep for a while.


Te kamo ya? Ano inyo favorite regional song?

June 4, 2008 at 11:50 pm 30 comments


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